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Responsible Ownership thru Education

Welcome to Wolfdog Education and Information Page!


This website is dedicated to my Moo-dog.  Without him, my love for wolfdogs and my passion for educating people about the responsibility of owning these animals, probably would not be as strong as it is today. 



Before everyone begins browsing the site, I would like to make a few things clear. Also visit the UPDATES page for recent news and important changes.

This website was created to be a starter point and/or a foundation for wolfdog owners everywhere, whether you are a "newbie" to wolfdogs or an "old timer," the focus of this website is to provide factual and detailed information for wolfdog enthusiasts to reference should the need arise.  From basic information touching on knowing what a wolfdog is, to more detailed information concerning responsible ownership and the seriousness of misrepresentation, this website is here for the community as a whole.

I also want to point out due to some misinformation that was spread, whether intentional or not: THIS IS NOT A RESCUE PAGE, but I can provide contact and references to different rescues throughout the USA.

Thank you all for your support.

For the wolfdogs.  It's all about education!


Natasha and The Woofers!







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